UX / UI design / Responsive design / Wireframing

We believe that apps must be designed with style and elegance like classic Italian cars. User interface must be simple, consistent and purposeful with strategic use of colors and typography.
Design sells. That's why a half of our team is made of UI and UX designers who will make sure that your app or web site stands out from the competition.

Android development

With people who developed Android apps back in 2008, even before the public launch of this mega-popular mobile OS, while it was still in testing phase, you can be sure that we know the the platform inside out.

iOS development

Using the world's most advanced mobile operating system, we continually redefine what people can do with a mobile device by creating revolutionary smartphone and tablet apps for iOS.

Web - HTML5 / JavaScript / Ruby

For many the first contact with your company, the web site has to be nothing less than perfect. With developers who worked on sites used by thousands of users simultaneously, we know how to make it bulletproof and stable too.